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With an employee base of 540, effective mediums of ensuring physical well-being are put in place as part of the HSSE health policy at APM Terminals Mumbai. Some of the facilities available are listed below:

- Paramedic Services are available 24X7 at the terminal. This facility is offered to all Employees, Contractors & Visitors without any cost. The First Aid centre is always in readiness with modern equipments like Defibrillator, Breath Alcohol Analyzer testing machines, Manual Artificial Respirator, Suction Apparatus, Ambu Bag and more.
- Staff members are regularly trained in First Aid and Basic Life Support in order to tackle unforeseen circumstances.
- The health centre is supported by an air conditioned 4 bed ambulance. The drivers are trained to handle casualties till medical assistance can be made available in case of emergencies. For an in-depth and professional service, APM Terminals Mumbai has awarded the contract to CDC (Clinical Diagnostic Centre) for Paramedic & Ambulance services.
- An Emergency Response Team has been set up at the terminal which comprises of members from different departments. The team members are qualified to practice CPR and other imperative support techniques in case of emergencies.  The programme is focused on:
1. CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation).
2. Application of Splints, Slings and Dressings.
3. Managing Wounds, Fractures, Bleeding, First Aid to Electrocution.
4. Treatment for Burns, Heart Attack, Cardiac Arrest, Fainting Shock, Snake Bite, Hypoglycaemia, Heat Stroke, Epilepsy, Frost Bite, Poisonous Gas Inhalation etc.
5. Transporting casualties, various types of lifts, Rope Technique for Rescue, Stretchers, Earthquake Preparedness, before and after Earthquake and Recovery position.