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  • APM Terminals Mumbai recognised at the CSR Health Impact Awards 2019

  • APM Terminals Mumbai’s CSR project was recognised as the best Health CSR Project at the CSR Health Impact Awards 2019. The CSR Health Impact Awards is an initiative of Indian Health & Wellness (IHW) Council.

    July 04, 2019

    The IHW Council is constituted to inspire organizations to drive a nationwide CSR based health movement and appeal to the corporate conscience of others to participate at grander scale and make the movement stronger. The awards recognise those organizations who have embedded responsible business practices in their core philosophy and implemented health initiatives on the ground, that have truly impacted lives. The IHW Council believes that health is everyone’s priority and all business enterprises need to have health of the nation as a larger goal. The CSR project implemented by APM Terminals Mumbai focuses on providing free-of-cost healthcare services to truck drivers and cleaners to improve their health conditions. APM Terminals Mumbai provides two healthcare centres close to the terminal’s parking area. These centres operate with qualified doctors and paramedics who provide basic treatment with a symptomatic diagnosis. This project is a clear reflection of a company that truly cares for the partners who have helped make it what it is today.